Saturday, May 18, 2013

"The Garden Tinkerers"
The volunteer gardeners at Tinker Nature Park have started work on the display gardens and will also begin planting around the Tinker Homestead beginning May 30th. If you have an interest in gardening or want to learn more about gardening new volunteers are always welcome. You may contact the nature center at 359-7044 if interested in joining the "Garden Tinkerers"

Thank you John Colagrosso and Kathleen Rick who have spearheaded the garden projects at Tinker. Thank you also to all the volunteers who come out and help with the dirty work. The beds have never looked this good - this early!

Springtime at Tinker Nature Park
Great  Horned Owlet 

First Fawn Photographed this season.

The Park is pleased to host all RH 1st Graders for a program on Organisms.

Winslow Students arriving for their field trip - perfect weather!

Lilacs in Bloom next to the Tinker Homestead.

Male Bluebird in Silver Maple on the Country Lane.

Family of Geese on the Tinker Pond.

Eastern Cottontail - A Frequent visitor  around the nature center.


Earth Day Celebrated at Tinker Park
Thank you to RIT Environmental Science Students and World of Wildlife Educational Encounters for helping the Hansen Nature Center Celebrate Earth Day on April 20th.