Thursday, September 27, 2012

Harvest Fest 2012

Honey cleared of bees and ready for harvest.
Hillary removing thewax capping from frames of honey
Rick selling freshly harvested honey.

Preparing apples for pressing
Explaining the pressing process.
Pausing while the remaining cider runs out.
Fresh cider!

Henrietta Garden Club Fall plant sale.
Sue answering questions in the Town Museum.

Horse Barn hosted the Golden Eagle String Band.
Standing Room only throughout the afternoon.

Youth Asset team volunteers.
Ann helping out with the Youth Asset Team
Friends volunteers provided samples of food made with honey.
Honey Bee Education a big part of the event.
Dean and Nate Santos provided the entertainment at the Nature Center Pavilion
Enjoying music at the pavilion
One Big Bee!
Everyone loves the Honey Bee.

Glad Acres Farms provided the Horse Drawn Wagon Ride
Always a popular part of the Festival.

 With the rain holding off, Harvest Festival 2012 was well attended. A big thank you to all the volunteers who make this event successful. The many volunteers include, Tinker Homestead Docents, Friends of Tinker Nature Park, Youth Asset Team, Beekeepers Amy (with her son and daughter), Damon (with wife Hillary), Tinker Gardeners (who had the homestead and gardens looking beautiful), Gail  (Ruth Van Earp Alphabet Garden) for bringing the children's craft project and family and friends who assisted in the days activities.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Ben Cammett, Troop 134 Completes Eagle Scout Project at Tinker Nature Park

Before photos showing worn out landscape timbers.
Ben (center) laying out the project
Prepping and installation of new recycled boarders.
Care taken to see that the gardens were not disturbed.

Almost finished - Pond Garden last one to tackle.
Major improvement in the appearance of the display gardens.

Ben and Crew upon completion of project.

Volunteering at Tinker Nature Park
Community volunteers Kenny and Pete offered to help out at the park with some maintenance and stained the split rail fence outside the entrance to the nature center.

 Turning the corner!
 In addition rails that were rotten were replaced.
 Thanks for the help, the fence is looking great!