Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tinker Homestead Gardens

A sincere thank you to the volunteers from the Henrietta Garden Club and Cerebral Palsy Rochester have generously donated many hours of their time planting, mulching and maintaining the gardens at the Tinker Homestead. The results of their hard work speak are obvious to all who visit the gardens.

Herb Bed - Southwest corner

The rejuvenated aquatic garden

Ruth Van Earp Children's Alphabet Garden

Herb bed - southeast corner

Lavender bed

Anyone interested in volunteering with the gardens may contact the Hansen Nature Center at 585-359-7044 for more information.
R-H Senior High School AP Biology and Environmental Science students ran a week long field camp at Tinker Nature Park for Roth and Burger students the week of June 6th.

Topics of study included Population density, water quality analysis, Predator-Prey cycles,
Soil testing, Orienteering and Maps, Adaptations and Microscopic Aquatic Life.

Each station was designed and taught by students from the high school. Middle school students rotated from station to station throughout the day.

The R-H community should be proud of their students for conducting a program of this scope. The field camp provides a hands-on exploration of the environmental sciences and judging by the student interest and participation is a very popular and successful program. The respect the students showed the park and facilities deserves recognition as well. I look forward to working with the R-H staff and students next year.

By splitting strong hives that successfully overwintered and capturing swarms, we have been able to overcome significant winter losses in 2010. The hives are doing well and we look forward to a successful harvest come September.
At the marsh's edge.

Snapping turtle laying a clutch of eggs.

Mallard in the woodland swamp

Families of geese swimming the Tinker Pond.

One of the many fawns born in the park.