Friday, July 23, 2010

Tinker Homestead and Farm Museum added to Great Lakes Seaway Geo-Cache Trail

Geo-caching, is the high-tech treasure hunting travel sport that uses a hand held Global Positioning System (GPS) unit to locate hidden boxes. The new 75-cache Great Lakes Seaway Trail GeoTrail adventure that takes GPS-guided explorers along the 518-mile route that parallels the St. Lawrence River and Great Lakes shoreline of New York and Pennsylvania. The Great Lakes Seaway Trail is federally-designated as one of America’s Byways. Destination points, and possible geocache sites, on the byway include Niagara Falls, the 1000 Islands, 29 historic lighthouses, 18th and 19th century forts, the “film and flower city” of Rochester, Buffalo, the National Toy Hall of Fame, parks, the Eastern Lake Ontario dunes, Lucille Ball’s Playhouse and much more. The 2010 Great Lakes Seaway Trail Travel Guide includes GPS coordinates for 100 of its Great Lakes Seaway Trail “outdoor storyteller” signage units that share fascinating facts, legends, lore and illustrations at lighthouses and significant points of historic, natural/birdwatching, cultural, maritime, agricultural and architectural note along the byway.
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The following agencies are all supporting this venture and will be giving out passports that get stamped at each Geo-cache:

Niagara USA/Niagara Tourism & Convention Corporation:
Wayne County Tourism:
Cayuga County Office of Tourism:
Oswego County Tourism:
1000 Islands International Tourism Council:
St. Lawrence County Chamber:
Fair Haven Area Chamber of Commerce:
Great Lakes Seaway Trail:

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