Thursday, June 03, 2010

First swarm of the season at the apiary in Tinker Park. A swarm usually lands close to the parent hive and regroups before searching for a new home.

Fortunately we were present when they swarmed and able to provide that home.

Worker bees fanning and distributes pheromones telling members of the swarm that they have found their new homes and that the queen is safely in the hive.

Tinker Park hosted its 5th Annual Kids Fishing Derby. Over 100 kids and parents showed up for a morning of fishing followed by hot dogs and prizes for all. Fish caught included perch, bullhead and bluegill. Thank you Ken and Dennis McGee and to all the members of Avon Anglers who helped to run this event. They provided poles, bait, instruction, prizes and food. Thank you also to Friends of Tinker who donated prizes for the kids.