Saturday, June 27, 2009

Children's Fishing with the Avon Anglers

On 23 May, the Avon Anglers volunteered their love of fishing to the park. They also donated and cooked lunch for the 100 folks who attended.

Tim handling a true monster of a frog. This year we saw a lot of bullhead and some bluegill.

Ken from Avon Anglers calling out door prize winners.

One of the Avon Anglers cooking hot dogs.

No event is official with out "Ranger Bob".

Fighting the Tinker Pond fish

Winners of the biggest and most fish caught.

New Flag for the Park

Our local Cub Scout Pack purchased a new flag for the park.

The pack with the new flag.

Taking down the old flag.

Raising the new flag.

Our new "ole glory."


Spring is the time for new life, and the park hosts quite the diverse population of wildlife.

A Downy Chested Woodpecker feeds her young just off the boardwalk on the inner trail.

A doe gives an impromptu bath while her fawn nurses.

This fawn was left on a dry spot off the outer trail. The doe was out feeding. This is a very secure spot surrounded by water which makes it tough for predators to track the doe and her fawn.

Mallard ducklings scrounging for food.

Goslings and parents off the boardwalk near the pond.

A vixen had her four kits under the Nature Center shed. Of course we are still finding animals parts all over the park.


Spring opens the school tour season. So if you were looking for the park staff, more than likely you did not find us. On any given day we will host over 200 kids at the park. Many are school tours guided by the park staff. Others are self guide like the huge Pinnacle Lutheran crew that came by with parents below.