Thursday, July 09, 2009


This year has been a banner year in bee swarms. As of today we have recovered 5 swarms, which brings the park up to 10 hives. Not to bad since we came out of the winter with 4 hives.

We travelled to Liberty Hill on Lehigh Station Road to grab this swarm.

Just as we were getting into position to recover the Liberty Hill swarm, it broke.

We followed the swarm about 1/3 of a mile before it occupied a low lying bush. Here is Tim maneuvering the girls into a hive box.

This swarm and the one below originated from two of our very own established hives.

DiPrimo Eagle Scout Project

Joey DiPrimo from Boy Scout Troop 171 completed his Eagle Scout Project on 23 May 2009. He was boarded on 25 June and awarded his Eagle Scout. Congrats!

Joey and crew fixing up the flower beds around the gazebo.

Joey relaxing on one of the four benches he built for the gazebo.

The finished project