Friday, May 08, 2009

Our Fowl Friends

A lucky shot of a pair of Wood Ducks on the outer trail, female on the left and male on the right. Did not even know I had the female in the picture until we brought it up on the computer. Of course these crafty and very private critters have alluded all attempts to photograph them again.

This Turkey wandered out on the fitness trail one dreary afternoon and walked down the trail like he owned the place.

Turkey walking over to the pull up station.

Another lucky shot, this time of a Pileated Woodpecker in the open. Usually these guys flitter around in the woods making a good clear shot impossible. We were working in the Apple Orchard when I noticed a pair of Pileated working over a dead stump. One flew off and this one stuck around.

Critters of the Spring

With the impending change of the weather, more and more critters are coming out of their winter homes.
Pair of Green Frogs enjoying an uncommon warm spring day.

Painted turtles sunning themselves in the cattails.

The turtle log is the social heartbeat of the marsh for the Painted Turtles.

Nesting Canadian Goose. This nest fell victim to predation.

First Goslings of the season. This particular family is down to two Goslings.

Bluebird in early spring.

The kings of the marsh have returned, Red Wing Blackbird claiming his territory.

A clutch of snakes sunning themselves off the outer trail.

The Tinker Nature Park celebrated both Earth Day and Arbor Day on the 25th of April. There were plenty of activities to keep anyone busy.

The Environmental Science Department from Rochester Institute of Technology donated their time to conduct pond studies with any who were interested.

Girl Scout Troop 142 earned their Bronze Award by volunteering their time. The troop handed out instructions, advise and seeds for vegetables and flowers.

In honor of Arbor Day we planted an Oak tree to replace a tree that fell down near the museum.

Carol Tinker Aldridge dedicates our newest addition with the assistance of Troop 142.

The World of Wildlife Educational Encounters (W.O.W.E.E.) conducted two shows and brought many critters to visit the park.

Music by Dean Santos

We conducted our annual Easter celebration this year on Saturday, April 4th. Even though the weather did not necessarily cooperate, the turn out was good. The kids cleared the fields around the park of all Easter eggs in roughly 3 1/2 minutes.

Scouring the field for eggs.

Crafts in the Nature Center

One tired Easter Bunny with helpers.

As always, this event would never have been successful without the Henrietta Recreation Department and the efforts of a strong cadre of volunteers. Helping out this year was the volunteers from the Hansen Nature center, Tinker Homestead Museum, Rush-Henrietta Asset Team, Rush-Henrietta Rotary Club Interact and interns from Finger Lakes Community college.