Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Environmental Awareness and Action Day

The Hansen Nature Center was pleased to host the first Environmental Awareness and Action Day organized by Henrietta's Youth Asset Team. The goal of the event was to highlight local, national, and global environmental issues with a focus on what each of us can do in our day to day lives to promote a healthy, sustainable environment for generations to come.

The Sierra Club was one of the many organizations who came to show their support

A close-up view of a green roof from Broccolo Tree and Lawn Care

Living in Harmony showed the difference in energy consumption between incandescent light bulbs and compact florescent light bulbs. The incandescent bulb took 51 watts while the CFL took only 18!
Guests enjoy refreshments in between presentations

The recycled arts and crafts table was fun for the whole family

A shoe recycling display shows that a shoe's life isn't over once they're worn out. They can be used to make flooring and other products! To recycle your shoes, drop them off in the shoe recycling bin located outside the Henrietta Town Hall.

For more information on the Henrietta Youth Asset Team, visit http://www.henriettayouthassetteam.com/

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