Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bird Conservation Day

This Saturday Tinker Nature Park held its first "Bird Conservation Day" at the park. Highlights included a presentation by Ron Walker's 'Friends with Feathers', pinecone bird feeder making with 'The Bird House', and Owl Pellet dissections.

The Friends with Feathers presentation this year featured an Eastern Screech Owl, Barn Owl, American Kestrel, and Turkey Vulture. People of all ages gathered to hear all about these amazing birds.
Ron Walker holds up a gray morph of the Eastern Screech Owl

Turkey Vultures can be seen soaring high in the air, rarely flapping their wings

Owl pellet dissections were popular- many rodent skulls were found!

Giant pine cones, crisco, and bird seed were donated by the Bird House on Monroe Avenue for a pine cone bird feeder activity. Pine cones were smothered with crisco...

and rolled in seed.

Thank you to the Friends of Tinker, Friends with Feathers, the Bird House, and all the volunteers who made this event possible!

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