Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tinker Nature Park Welcomes Good Shepherd School of Henrietta
Good Shepherd School's 3rd and 4th grade classes spent the day learning about the local wildlife's natural habitats, the history of Henrietta and Monroe County and the Tinker family, one of Henrietta's first settlers.

Nic Deveto gets off the bus with a smile ~ could it be because his mom, Mrs. Oliver, is his guide today?

The boys were none to happy when the girls teased them about just one of there jobs that includes the manure, however they got even when Mrs. Oliver showed them the chamber pots and whose job it was to clean them each morning.....the girls!

A chamber pot Definition: A chamber pot (also a john, a chamberpot, a jordan, a po (from French "pot de chambre") or simply a potty) consists of a bowl-shaped container with a handle kept in the bedroom under a bed. Chamber pots, usually ceramic, often had lids.

Mr. Oliver demonstrates how the horse barn was built

No running water 'back then'

John Green examines the Manure Trolley

Shelling corn

The Corn Sheller

Tim Pratt showing a feathered friends habitat

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